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Armada Integrasi Teknologi, a company that focus on security hardware such as FingerPrint, Access Control, CCTV surveillance and Software applications helping you resolve your security systems integration and performance challenges and exploring ways to increase the value of your integration.

We are the direct distributor from Manufacturer which makes our price very competitive in Indonesia Market. Here our specific service that you can get :

  1. Triple-S Rank (Sales, Stock & Service),
  2. Ready Spare-Parts in our warehouse,
  3. 5 Years assurance of products continuity & spare parts availability,
  4. Our own software development and research team,
  5. Zero Manipulation Engine supported, an engine that trace down all the changes have been made in both software and hardware in details. This engine has been implant in our Time Attendance, Access Control & Weighbridge Management Software.
  6. Our software is well known for the integrity with other compliance whereby we replace many competitors such as: Bioscript, Fingertec, Amano, Secure, Hunno & Dream Mihr.
  7. Rental System on our Fingerprint & Access Control products with fantastic benefits:
    1. Small Investment Cost,
    2. Quick & Easy approval,
    3. Software update periodically,
    4. Hardware update periodically,
    5. Maintenance support,
    6. Defective replacement warranty,
    7. Reduce cost for tax payment.

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