Touch Screen POS System


Functions :

  •    Tool-Free Maintenance

              TWINPOS G5 slashes maintenance costs at your store.

  •     Small Footprint

              TWINPOS G5 overcomes the severe space constraints of retail establishments.

  •     Flexibility & Reliability

             - TWINPOS G5 offers wide-ranging options to meet particular store needs.
             - TWINPOS G5 offers high reliability to withstand harsh retail environments.

  •    Powerful and Eco-friendly Perfomance

             TWIN POS G5 is designed to minimise environment impact.


Optional plug-in for integration with standard remote service solutions via SNMP or WMI interface

  • Remote terminal monitoring enables quick response to urgent situations, perventative guidance and remote software services that can drastically reduce servicing costs.
  • TWINPOS G Series POS terminate are the first to support a client agent for Microsoft Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011.




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